Discover your Path to love through a powerful
Mind, Body and Spirit System of Transformation.

Welcome, so glad you are here. Take a seat and relax. Make yourself a cup of tea.

This is sacred time and space where I serve as a nurturing coach and joyful champion to help you to welcome love, find joy and live your life with purposeful intention. Together, we will unlock your innate ability to live in harmony with yourself and others. Release limiting beliefs and tap into your spirituality and intuition in order to achieve your highest potential and call in your beloved. I will support and guide you to express your authentic self through mindful spiritual coaching and body-based processes, including yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy and energy medicine. The journey to love can be a long and challenging one. I get it, I have been there. The gateway to the inspiration and tools you need is awaiting you at The Wise Woman Path.

Spend six months with me and you will discover your true self and build unstoppable confidence to push forward in love and life!

Our Integrative Approach

The Wise Woman Path offers stimulating and enjoyable learning environments to guide you to love by:

Connecting with Yourself

Begin with knowing and trusting yourself and your emotions, developing your unique identity and finding your authentic voice. Unshackle yourself from the bonds of limiting beliefs, self-judgment and body constriction and learn practices for peaceful self-acceptance and inspiration. Being comfortable in your own skin allows you to welcome love and to approach the rest of your life with courage, strength and grace.

Connecting with Spirit

Spirituality is connecting to Divine Presence, knowing what you believe and value and determining what is most meaningful to you at your core. Learn to live within what moves you, tapping into wonder, awe and inspiration. Venture toward clarity about why are you here in your one precious life. Using prayer, meditation, yoga and rituals we can learn practices to connect with spirit.

Connecting with Another

Once you have developed a peaceful and conscious relationship with yourself and with spirit, you have prepared the soul and self to connect more deeply and successfully with another. These foundations serve as solid ground to practice authentic communication and to attract and create fulfilling love. Develop powerful techniques for loving courageously, learning to give, receive and share.


The Wise Woman Path has empowered many clients to find love, to discover spiritual alignment and to experience personal transformation.

For anyone searching for love, healing and transformation, Devorah is your ideal solution. As a hypnotherapist, Devorah creates a nurturing environment. The safety and serenity she provides allows personal exploration and thus personal transformation.

My experience with Devorah has been amazing! I have grown and changed beyond my wildest dreams and I met my life partner within months. My life course is now totally different: happier, better and healthier. Thank you!

I have been doing Life Coaching with Devorah Steinberg for over two years. I am now content in my relationship and choosing a course of action in my life that would have not sounded believable to me before. I have never felt happier. I highly recommend her.

You’ve made a miraculous difference in our lives. Thank you for helping us move through that difficult time. Hypnotherapy should be the first method of therapy. Thank you Devorah. 

Devorah Steinberg is a highly skilled, dedicated and intuitive coach and therapist. The guidance, wisdom and professionalism that I have experienced from Devorah as her client have helped me to make huge strides in overcoming past relationship patterns that I have always wanted to undo in myself. It has been a gift to be able to work with her.

I found love, finally! It took some time, but her patience was a blessing to me. In the past, my therapists always cut me off when my time was up. But Devorah never did that. She always allowed me to finish and showed genuine interest and concern.

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