The Power of Ancient Wisdom for 21st Century Seekers

 Spiritual Coaching & Mind/Body Therapy

Devorah Steinberg, LICSW, CYT 

I believe our meeting here is not a coincidence. Welcome!


You’re here because you are questioning if you’re on the right path in your life, you’re dissatisfied, don’t trust your choices, are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or in a time of transition. 

You’re unsettled, unfulfilled, disenchanted and yearning to be more present and alive, to create a more meaningful life.

You need to focus inward, more on being present and less on doing and achieving. You want more energy for yourself, with less focus on taking care of everyone else.

You have creative and spiritual impulses waiting to be expressed. Something is lacking, you know a change is necessary but are unsure where to turn or what to do to change.  It doesn’t have to be this way…

Imagine having a guide, an inspiring role model, a co-pilot walking the road beside you and navigating  you toward the life you really want. Someone who will help you craft a new vision and guide you step by step to making it your reality. Here you learn to trust yourself, to feel more peaceful and inspired, to make meaningful choices. This life is beckoning to you, as you express your true voice, learn to know and accept yourself and embrace a sense of awe and wonder on your journey toward transformation. My clients have said it over and over again: the unimaginable becomes possible and lasting change endures

This is your one precious life, so don’t settle for less. Do something different and expect different results.

Join me on The Wise Woman Path where you will build unstoppable confidence, let go of limitations and experience an entirely new way of opening to life.

Intrigued and want to learn more?

Your first step is to schedule a free 30-minute Soul Breakthrough Call.

On this call, I will uncover your biggest opportunities for change and

You will discover the best thing to do RIGHT NOW to transform your life 

Our Integrative Approach

The Wise Woman Path’s 3 Steps to Personal Transformation:

Connect with Yourself

Begin with finding your authentic voice, learning to trust yourself and developing your unique identity. Unshackle yourself from the bonds of limiting beliefs and self-judgment and learn practices for peaceful self-acceptance and inspiration. Being comfortable in your own skin allows you to approach the rest of your life with grace, courage and strength.

Connect with Spirit

Spirituality is connecting to divine presence, knowing what you believe and value and embracing what is most meaningful to you at your core. Learn to live within what moves you, tapping into  intuition, wonder, awe and inspiration. Venture toward clarity about why are you here in this one precious life. 

Connect with Others

Once you have developed conscious and peaceful relationships with yourself and spirit, you’ve prepared yourself to connect successfully with others. These foundations serve as solid ground to practice authentic communication to create fulfilling relationships and a more meaningful life. Develop powerful techniques for loving courageously.


Since 1995, The Wise Woman Path has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals and transform their lives 

I found love, finally! It took some time, but her patience was a blessing to me. In the past, my coaches always gave up on me before I got where I wanted to be. But Devorah didn’t. She always showed genuine interest and concern and stuck with me until I learned what I needed to learn, and I did. -Laura

If you were led to Devorah, it was for a reason, so don’t hesitate to work with her! She is warm, wise and a gifted healer and guide. Your life will be better both emotionally and spiritually if you work with her. -Jill

Devorah Steinberg is a highly skilled, dedicated and intuitive coach and therapist. The guidance, wisdom and professionalism that I have experienced from her as her client have helped me to make huge strides in overcoming past relationship patterns that I have always wanted to undo. It has been a gift to be able to work with her. -Rachel

Devorah gets right to the point. She has a loving and direct way of helping me unearth my blocks, look at them squarely and work to move forward with confidence. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her. -Leigh

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