Don’t wait for someone else’s approval or love to make you feel worthy or valuable. Embrace yourself right now by practicing ways to appreciate yourself and fill your own “tank”. Another person can offer you additional appreciation and shared experiences, enhancing what you already appreciate about yourself. A few things can help you do this, starting today.

Spend time doing things you really enjoy and don’t be afraid of doing them alone. Walk through the aisles perusing the library, take yourself to a movie you really want to see and buy yourself a huge tub of popcorn, window shop among items that delight you or pick a recipe you have not made before, buy the ingredients, cook it up for yourself and feast. Experiencing pleasure and joy in your own company can take some practice and patience, but allows you to have good feelings without having to depend on anyone else to have them.

Move your body in ways that feel good and push yourself to the edge of where you are comfortable. Get your heart rate up just enough so that you are huffing and puffing a little bit so that conversation would be challenging. Participate in an activity of your choice, not what you think you “should” do. Some people really despise going to a gym, so if that is you, try a walk in the woods, stroll a mall or take a yoga class at a studio or online. Firing up your endorphins can make you feel more alive and appreciate the strength and ability in your body. If you can be in awe about what your body can do, this enhances a deeper appreciation of your abilities, and in yourself in general.

Spend some quiet time alone with yourself. Most of us are always doing, always accomplishing. Be curious what it would be like to stop that for a time. You may choose to sit in nature, listen to music, express your thoughts or feelings in a journal or read something that inspires you. Letting yourself notice and embrace your thoughts, feel your emotions and be in awe of the beauty and expansiveness of art or nature can support you feeling really good inside, and about, yourself.

Taking a small step in creating positive experiences for yourself and by yourself can boost your self-esteem and allow you a deeper acceptance of yourself. This not only helps you have a richer and more fulfilling life right now, which is the only moment you have, but will create a foundation of health and strength that will serve you well in the future, if a relationship arrives.