I am fiercely independent, are you? Are you someone who doesn’t feel safe or comfortable reaching out or asking for help? Are you ashamed to say you are suffering when you are? Is being vulnerable and less than “together” difficult for you to admit, even to the people closest to you? Yes, that is me, I admit it. I am learning a lesson these days and I want to share it with you. It begins with the simple message that you are not meant to travel this life path alone. And saying this, I don’t mean about a life partner or a marriage necessarily, though that may be a part of it. This is for everyone, no matter your relationship status or your station or situation in life. Poor or rich, young or old, healthy or not.

Where do you go for help? Or do you not? When was the last time you said to someone else, “I am hurting,” “I need you,” “I am afraid” or “I can’t do this alone?” These words can be so difficult to form in your mouth and, more so, to say out loud, for those of us who are inclined to self-reliance and suffering in silence. 

There are people available to help you, to move a piece of furniture in your living room, to hear you when your heart is breaking, when you are moving through the simple day-to-day moments of your life and you are making a decision or a choice or if you have a business or offering to share with the world. 

As a healing professional, therapist and spiritual coach for the past 27 years, I learned something new today about support and connection in community. I attended a business networking meeting that predicates its very existence on entrepreneurs helping, supporting and marketing FOR EACH OTHER! What a concept! I have heard of this, of course, but sitting in a room in a VFW hall at 7:00AM with twenty-five individuals who have mastered this lesson, I found myself almost moved to tears that I had known the value of this, but hadn’t really KNOWN it in the way I knew it today, the way I felt it. I have been doing my business all alone for all these years and I grieved today for all the clients who never had the chance to meet me and be helped by me because they weren’t someone I knew or could reach, but someone else might have and could have referred them to me if I wasn’t doing it all alone. And, who knows what other missed opportunities I had for collaboration, inspiration or giving someone else a boost or a referral?

Don’t journey through life alone. You can be courageous enough to step forth and use your voice to gain the wisdom, strength and benefits from others when you need it. And, trust me, you need it, whether you think so or not.