You are enough.

Do you believe this? Or do you doubt it?

These might be the most important words any of us think and believe, to affect the overall quality of life.


Because if you don’t believe them, your life will be far less positive, fulfilling and manageable. Let me explain.

If you don’t believe you are enough, you are unlikely to take care of your physical health. You will choose relationships in which you are less appreciated or remain in a job or career that doesn’t challenge, value or pay you enough. You’ll unlikely take risks in any area of your life. Your value will inspire, motivate and sustain you for so many positive things Without it, not so much. Each life is created by the tiny choices we make each day, like pearls added on a string until eventually you have a full necklace. Each one of your choices is greatly affected by your unconscious self-talk, those internal messages that are driving you.

If you are not satisfied in one or more areas of your life, if you feel your settling or not fulfilled, ask yourself these three questions. See if it uncovers a belief of your worth:

1. Are you still wearing clothing that is ripped, stained or no longer fits you?
2. Do you compare yourself to others regularly and do you mostly come up short in these comparisons?
3. Do you speak up in restaurants or at a hotel if you are dissatisfied with something?

If you answered yes to any of these, ask yourself why. Is your belief about your self-worth at stake? If so, boost your self-esteem by creating and repeating positive affirmations (“I am enough” will do!) You can listen to positive guided meditations on a free mediation app (Insight Timer is the one I use.) If you’re really stuck, working with a coach or therapist on your mindset will do wonders to improve many aspects of your life. Don’t settle for less. When I asked a client recently why she invested in herself by working with me as spiritual coach, she said “I only have this one life. If not now, when?”

Even if you may not believe it yet, I am telling you that you are worth it.