I was at a community dance a few weeks ago. While there, a friend asked me a question so powerful that it stopped me in my tracks (literally right in the middle of the dance floor!) “What brings you joy these days?” she asked.


I realized that I had been so busy LIVING, that is getting through my days and doing what I had to do, that I hadn’t thought about joy. In a long time. It gave me pleasure, then, to think about all the things that do bring me joy these days. Dancing, swimming. Sitting with a client who had moved through a painful block. Meditating in my favorite living room overstuffed round chair. It also inspired me to commit to choosing joy daily, even for a moment, and to be present while I am experiencing it.

So this afternoon, I fulfilled this commitment by watching my dog, Jasper, run through the long autumn grass His ears were flying back as his pointy face raced toward me. So simple and so enjoyable. And, to think that I would’ve missed this moment, had I not considered the question my friend asked. What are your sources of joy?

What can you do to bring more experiences of joy?
As the days begin to shorten, there is opportunity to slow down, to pause, to reflect. Ask yourself this question-What brings me joy?-and take an extended moment to answer it. And, then, give yourself more opportunities to grow your joy, to witness and experience it. This doesn’t require much time, energy, effort or money, but only a change of focus and presence with this new awareness.

I want more joy for you, for me, for all of us!

Perhaps you’re struggling with identifying sources of joy along your journey in life and could use some guidance, help or support. Know that help, guidance and support IS available, so seek it out. It could be mind/body therapy or spiritual coaching with The Wise Woman Path, or find another healer or therapist.

If you aren’t getting where you want to go in your life alone, don’t keep trying to do it alone. You know the saying: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Do something different. Get different results.

You deserve joy, lightness and peace.
Don’t settle for anything less in this one precious lifetime of yours.