About The Wise Woman Path



And it’s all there inside you, ready to break free! 


You have always done the right thing- followed the rules, done what’s expected of you, checked all the boxes. By society’s standards, you are a success… yet you wake up every morning feeling mysteriously unfulfilled. 

Women like you constantly tell me, no matter how many accomplishments they achieve, they still feel like something is missing. You’ve tried therapy, yoga, meditation… but the results don’t last. 

 You are fed up with feeling:

  • TRAPPED: nothing you’re doing is working and you don’t know what to do that will make a real difference.
  • ANXIOUS: your mind is spinning and your heart is ready to explode while you force another smile and keep playing your part.
  • EMPTY: no one understands why you aren’t satisfied and that makes it all even worse.


And what I see way too often is women making decisions for their life motivated by acceptance or approval from others which leaves them suffering in silence without the support they need. 


Honey, I have definitely been right where you are! For years I wasn’t happy and felt trapped by my day-to-day life doing all the things expected of me as a woman including desperately (and I mean DESPERATELY) looking for a husband, going on a crazy crash-diet to lose a quick 30 lbs one summer and caring for others’ needs and being an over-giver, rather than taking care of myself. All of my major life choices were about something or someone other than myself while my soul longed to carve its own path in the world. Nothing I was doing was actually making me happy. I was burned-out and miserable. 


I finally started listening to my inner rebel, discovered my true self and I went from feeling miserable to feeling fulfilled. I quit a crappy job, travelled around the world, changed my name (yes, legally!) and even had a baby as a single Mom! The people around me I had been trying to please eventually got on board because they saw how happy I was.


Other women wanted to know how they could become as happy, content, peaceful and fulfilled. I started guiding my therapy clients through the same steps I had followed and each of them created mind-blowing results in their own lives! Through working with so many women, I was able to turn my process into a program and, MAZEL TOV! …The Wise Woman Path was born. 



  • Discover your soul’s unique blueprint so you can follow the path that ‘s right FOR YOU by making choices that are actually fulfilling.
  • Recognize your own values and set priorities so you can take charge of your life with renewed energy.
  • Identify the pieces of your life that are making you miserable so you can replace them with things that create lasting positive results and create a meaningful life
  • Learn the skills and gain the confidence you need to take step-by-step action so you can turn your dreams into real life. 
  • Listen to your soul’s voice and release your inner-rebel to become the happy, confident, peaceful, fulfilled wise woman you’re meant to be!


 I get you…and here’s why



I spent much of my 20’s pretty miserable while I followed a recipe for life written by someone else and full of society’s expectations. I felt like I was holding my breath. I went looking for answers and was invited to a Native American sweat lodge ritual.

As I sat in the small, dark space that got hotter and hotter by the minute, I literally struggled to breathe while I listened to others chanting and praying. Suddenly, all the noise and physical discomfort faded and I clearly heard my own inner voice for the first time. I realized in that moment that I possessed all the wisdom I needed in my soul and my inner voice could guide me down my own unique path toward real happiness and fulfillment. 

I combine my psychological training and 30+ years of practice as a therapist with my own personal experience to help you unleash your inner rebel to create a life that’s all your own, that makes you happy and fulfilled.

The Wise Woman Path is all about learning to listen and trust yourself from the inside out, to allow the desires and dreams hiding inside of you to emerge. I’ve guided hundreds of women just like you down this path and it’s all here waiting for you now. It’s time for you to listen to your intuition and create your own path so you can finally feel happy and fulfilled!  

Honey, I’m a Jewish girl from the suburbs of New York. If you’re looking for me in the neighborhood, you’ll find me near (or in) the water.  If you stop by my house, you’ll be greeted at the door by my Havanese  dog, Jasper, and I’ll offer you a mug of Red Rooibos tea. I’ll put down my latest book on spirituality and we’ll watch a great film that has us laughing or crying together.



A little bit more about me…  

 After many years of intense and committed personal growth, using the techniques and tools that I now teach, I finally discovered the keys to personal peace and spiritual satisfaction, breaking my own patterns of frustration and difficulty.  Becoming a Mom was one of my life goals, but my journey to motherhood was a long one so I was thrilled when I became a single Mom at 41 when my son Josh was born. He is fifteen now, but I love this picture of him and couldn’t resist sharing it with you! 

I have found my own true path, not one anyone created for me, and am deeply committed to teaching and guiding you to find your own way.

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