To begin our work together, we have a 90-minute call to create your Roadmap to Love Blueprint and then using that as our guide, we journey together over six months to move you from lonely, frustrated and overwhelmed to content, connected and embracing love. 

Three Steps to Crafting your Soul-Inspired Love with The Wise Woman Path to Love Coaching Program:

Step #1

Shift your mindset: rid negative beliefs, open to believe and receive, trust in yourself and the universe and set your intention to welcome love.

Step #2

Expand your vision: see, feel and know what you are wanting and go for it in ways you had never imagined before.


Embrace inspired action: commitment, support and accountability are the trifecta of extraordinary outcomes with The Wise Woman Path.


All your coaching calls are online so you can get on the path to love in the comfort and convenience of any location you choose with a computer and internet connection. Calls can be recorded, if you choose, so you can review your challenges and breakthroughs after our call is complete.

The Wise Woman Path Roadmap to Love

Coaching Package

1-1 Coaching
Three 60 minute 1x1 online coaching calls per month for 6 months 

Guided Meditations
Provided at each coaching session, personalized to your individual intentions, needs and love goals and infused with our shared inspirational energy. 

Monthly Challenges
You will do a monthly challenge  with meditation, yoga, movement or hypnosis to support your goals. 

What You’ll Get:

Your Roadmap to Love Blueprint
Our coaching journey begins with a powerful 90 minute 1-1 session to create your Roadmap to Love Blueprint. ​This lays the foundation for our work together.

Your Personal Love Journey Workbook
This workbook will guide you to dig deeper into your experiences, desires, blocks, goals and plan. ​

Monthly Progress Assessment
Monthly assessments to check on your progress and assessment of goals. ​


Also: Your VIP Day

A unique VIP Day crafted just for you, where we will plan together an adventure, challenge or transformational experience.

Plus additional bonus offerings once you join us!

 Your first step is scheduling your Love Breakthrough Call so I can share with you all the exciting details of how The Wise Woman Path to Love Coaching will bring you to your soulmate.

On this 30-minute online video call, we will discuss your love search history and your relationship archaeology.

From this, I will uncover the three primary ways you are misstepping in love.

You will discover your the one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to meet your soul mate faster and easier.

Receive your FREE “5 Reasons you’re Single (that a Therapist won’t tell you and a Life Coach doesn’t know)…”