The Wise Woman Path 3-month Spiritual Coaching Program

Personal Transformation to Ignite Your Inner Radiance,

Awaken your Spiritual Guidance & Strengthen your Intuition


 Our most comprehensive program for you to move from frustrated, overwhelmed and dissatisfied…

 …to spiritually-connected and emotionally fulfilled in a life infused with vitality

The Wise Woman Path Spiritual Coaching Program is perfect for women who are moving through challenge or transition and want to receive spiritual guidance for better decision-making, to experience life more deeply and to expand their world

Are you ready, finally for YOUR time? As your Spiritual Coach, I am with you, sister, with compassion, warmth, openness and a sense of humor! We will be partners on the journey during our sacred time together where I will be with you every step of the way as a nurturing guide, inspirational role model and champion to help you to step more deeply and fully into your life, to grow your inner wisdom, to listen to your intuition, to express and expand yourself.

I take a stand for you! 

Don’t sacrifice yourself for anyone or for anything. 

Rebel against sameness. Dare to dream. Reach beyond the edges of expectations, limitations and boredom. 

Choose living on your own terms, follow your desires, your passion, your purpose. 

Walk the goddess path.

The Wise Woman Path Spiritual Coaching will give you practical skills, soul-fulfilling rituals and practices that will become a part of your day-to-day life including yoga, meditation, visualization, energy medicine and shamanic healing approaches. 1X1 coaching sessions, audios, videos, worksheets and monthly wellness challenges plus a paid-in-full Bonus VIP Day!


Tap into your truth to craft an abundantly soulful life fueled by your unique vision, wrapped in your deepest values and priorities. 

Is there a better way to clear a path to your desired future? If not now, when?


If you felt moved while reading this, and something in it speaks to you, listen to that intuition and trust that your time is now. If you’re ready to open, to learn and to grow, to receive a Divine Spark, join me on The Wise Woman Path for a deeper connection to yourself and your own wisdom. 

Have questions or want more info? Get started with a free 30-minute Soul Breakthrough Call where we will discuss your three biggest spiritual struggles and discover the next step to take right now to get on your path of personal transformation. 

 Spirit Kick-Start Coaching Package

Want a Spiritual Kick-Start instead?

Take a taste of what available to you at The Wise Woman Path with the Goddess Spirit Kick-Start Coaching Package.

3 Coaching Sessions, beginning with a 90-minute Soul Intention Blueprint which will be the road map for our two subsequent sessions to outline your best plan for spiritual infusion. Quick, affordable and inspirational, this Kick-Start Package will ignite your spiritual inspiration and give you a working plan for deepening your spiritual connection and fulfillment in your precious life.