Why Coaching?

Coaching is best used when you are laser-focused on getting something done, reaching a goal as quickly and effectively as possible. It brings you from where you are to where you want to be, it is a way to move into your desired future. The Wise Woman Path Coaching  is unique, using the power of your body, mind and spirit for powerful learning, support and accountability to help you meet your soulmate and kick off a life of love, without giving up your uniqueness and authenticity.

Achieving happiness, a life filled with wonder and inspiration, means, first and foremost, knowing and honoring yourself. I help you get in touch with your deepest truths so you can welcome love and craft a life fueled by your desires and intentions while embracing your unique values and priorities.

This takes commitment and willingness to move toward your vision, as well as resourcefulness and discipline to remain focused and on-track. It isn’t easy, I admit it. But, it is worth it. Anything worth achieving is worth putting in the work. The road to love, and the personal transformation it requires, is challenging for the strongest of us, so don’t do it alone. That’s where I come in!

The Wise Woman Path Coaching program was inspired by my thirty years as a Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist. I have helped hundreds of clients move from overwhelm and fear to hope and possibility and from loneliness to connection and love. I know how to help you to transform your struggles into strengths and I offer myself to you with compassion, warmth, openness, and a sense of humor. Coaching with me, you will access your wisdom and intuition to find love and, with it, to live a life you love.

Our time together is sacred, where I serve as a nurturing coach, an inspirational role model and a joyful champion to help you to embrace your uniqueness and self-worth so you open to receive love, to find joy and live your life inspired by your individual spiritual path.  Move beyond what traditional coaching can do for you, to reach a place of clarity, expansiveness, of stepping fully into love, spirituality, and the life you know you were meant to live.

Love is yours, if you are ready to receive it.

And along the way:

Rebel against sameness, push beyond the edges, expectations, limitations, boredom.

Choose living on your own terms, your truth, your desires, your passion, your purpose.

Do not sacrifice yourself for anyone or for anything.

Take the goddess path.

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