The Wise Woman Path to: Love

My grandparents at the beginning of their 65-year love affair


I know how difficult the way to love can be, so I am dedicated to  guiding, teaching and leading single women on their own path to find love. This journey for so many of us is mystifying, difficult and often painful. I get it, I have been there.

You feel disappointed, lonely, frustrated (and on your darkest days, downright hopeless) wondering when will this EVER change, when will this search finally be over? You have tried everything and are tired of waiting for “the one.” And, you’re afraid you are running out of time. Other people have found love, why haven’t I? What is wrong with me?

Sound familiar?

Trust me, there is nothing wrong with you! I have dedicated my work and life to helping you know and trust that, to bring your light out of hiding, to guide you on how to share with another soul and explore the boundaries of what you are capable of feeling, of giving and of receiving.

Welcome Your Extraordinary Relationship!


We all crave belonging and acceptance, having someone who walks beside us in life. I specialize in helping you to CALL IN YOUR BELOVED and to build a sustaining relationship by knowing and trusting yourself, learning  effective communication skills and opening to giving and receiving generously (but with reasonable limits!)



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