The Wise Woman Path to:
Optimum Health & Wellness

The body is the temple of the soul and the only body you will have in this lifetime so treat it magnificently. If you want to improve your health habits and behaviors, or you are simply ready, willing and able to embrace the greatest wellness possible, coaching is one of the most effective approaches for improving your choices for a healthier lifestyle.

On The Wise Woman Path to Health, we turn our attention to our physical presence, to what our body is saying. Sit with yourself and clear the space from external noise so the truth arises about your unique path to optimum health. Listen with an open mind and heart to your inner guidance system, to sensations and symptoms that guides your highest self to maximum health and wellness. Connect with your breath, body, movement, sensation and their wisdom. Your intuition will guide you. Heal your whole self, mind and body, with ancient holistic practices, including yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, shamanic and energy healing.