The Wise Woman Path to:

This is how we begin: embrace yourself and your spirit exactly as they are. Right now. Here we do not rush to change. There is time for that. First we sit together and be, to allow silence, to tap into your intuition and guidance. Then you can find and strengthen your path to the divine, create and open to a personal relationship with the Source, with whatever name best works for you.

Be in charge of your own life, be true to who and how you are and create your own path to connect with spirit. Cultivate your soul’s wisdom, awaken your spiritual vision, see the sacred, develop generosity, gratitude, be in service and open fully to receive. Learn spiritual practices of yoga, meditation, prayer and shamanic healing.

Commit to the hero’s journey on your life path to self actualization, to live fully and deeply, to enjoy and to suffer, to learn and to contemplate. To allow all of it.

The writer Jean Huston says we must give up a smaller story in order to wake up to a larger story. What is your spiritual story? How is it serving you? If you are ready for more depth, meaning and purpose, if your soul is calling to you to expand and to explore further then your time is now to heed the call.